Quantity & Prices

Understand our prices. We have been in business since 1981. We aim to be the Internet's favorite label manufacturer for customers who appreciate sustainability, old-fashioned craftsmanship, and fair, straightforward prices.

Quantity Discount

We automatically apply a quantity discount when you choose the number of labels you want to purchase.

Only pay for the service you need

If you choose "With design draft" or need a design draft, we automatically apply a small fee to cover the design process with you. In that way, our customers will only pay for what they need.

Local VAT & EU VAT Exemption

All prices are shown, including local VAT, and in your local currency. As a European Union (EU) business customer, you may be able to exempt your company from VAT by adding a valid EU VAT registration number just before the checkout. No VAT/TAX is applied for customers outside the EU.

Free worldwide shipping

A small shipping fee (approx. €5) is added at checkout, and all online orders over €50 are shipped for free.

Easy Labels

Our Easy Label is our most popular label! Get started with our... 

Care Labels

Our Care Label is for you who want to add care instructions...