Superior Craftsmanship

We put exceptional care into crafting each label to ensure it is of the highest quality. We produce every label in our factory in Denmark or Germany on our old-fashioned Jacquard looms. We believe this is the best way to ensure the finest products for our customers.

Due to our careful production process, our labels can stand up to the daily wear and tear that may cause other labels to deteriorate.

Production pictures

A little history about

Jacquard looms

The Jacquard machine is a device fitted to a loom that simplifies the process of manufacturing textiles with such complex patterns as brocade, damask, and matelassé. The resulting ensemble of the loom and Jacquard machine is called a Jacquard loom.

The machine was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804, based on earlier inventions by the Frenchmen Basile Bouchon (1725), Jean Baptiste Falcon (1728), and Jacques Vaucanson (1740). A "chain of cards controlled the machine"; several punched cards laced together into a continuous sequence. Multiple holes were punched on each card, with one complete card corresponding to one design row.

The Jacquard process and the necessary loom attachment are named after their inventor. This mechanism is probably one of the essential weaving innovations, as Jacquard shedding made possible the automatic production of unlimited varieties of complex pattern weaving. The term "Jacquard" is not specific or limited to any loom but refers to the added control mechanism that automates the patterning.

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