Beautiful Colors

When designing your new cotton labels, you can create more than 165 unique and beautiful color combinations with our available colors. That should please the most demanding needs!

Use our color chart to find the most suitable color combination for your label project.

You can choose two colors. One of our 13 label colors (background) and one of our 13 thread colors (text/graphic/symbol). High-contrast colors will complement each other the best.

Color Chart for our Cotton Labels

Dodofy Color Chart of 2023

Our Color Sets

If you can't decide or don't have a specific color preference, choose our Color Set Labels. You will receive 5 different color combinations with identical text. Our Color Set is also perfect for first-time buyers. Our Color Sets can be selected when you order our Easy Labels, Logo Labels, Flex Labels, and Care Labels.

Color Set

Light Color Set

  1. Blue on White label
  2. Black on Grey label
  3. White on Green label
  4. Black on White label
  5. Blue on Blue label

Color Set

Maritime Color Set

  1. Blue on Blue label
  2. Red on White label
  3. Blue on Rouge label
  4. Blue on White label
  5. Red on Blue label

Color Set

Girly Color Set

  1. Pink on Blue label
  2. Purple on Pink label
  3. Pink on White label
  4. White on Rouge label
  5. Pink on Pink label

Color Set

Bling-bling Color Set

  1. Gold on Bordeaux label
  2. Silver on Black label
  3. Gold on Olive Green label
  4. Silver on Bordeaux label
  5. Gold on Black label

Color Set

Dark Color Set

  1. White on Bordeaux label
  2. White on Dark Blue label
  3. White on Graphite label
  4. White on Olive Green label
  5. White on Black label

Color Set

Blue Jeans Color Set

  1. White on Dark Blue label
  2. Yellow on Graphite label
  3. Blue on Dark Blue label
  4. White on Graphite label
  5. Yellow on Dark Blue label