We’re moving to new production premises in December

Orders placed Before December 7th

If we have your order latest on December 6th 12:00 CET your order will be produced and shipped as normal.

Orders placed After December 7th

Orders received after December 6th will be queued. This means that your order will be queued and produced as soon as we can produce again and no later than January 6th, 2020.

Your order has First Priority and will be Shipped for Free.
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After more than 50 years in the same production building we are moving our production in Germany to new and more modern production facilities. We are not going to move far away – only 50 km. Don’t worry, our production will stay in europe 🙂

Moving our old-fashioned Jacquard looms is not an easy job. Months of preparation have been put into this task. We are now ready for the big move of all our Jacquard looms.

Unfortunately, this means that production of all products (Clothing Labels, Logo Labels, Standard Labels and NameFix) will stop for a while.

Want to wait?

No problem 🙂 But we are not able to predict the production and delivery time 100% before January 2020.

Please note; orders received in December will be in queue and have first priority and will be shipped for free.

Get notified

If you want to wait, we can notify you when we are ready. Please fill in the form below and you will be notified.

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