Clothing Labels

The Original Clothing Labels since 1981

Since 1981 we have woven clothing labels and as the only on the market we offer a cotton quality of 100% pure Egyptian cotton. Our cotton quality is woven on our old-fashioned Jacquard looms, which appears in the details of our labels. In 2018, we launched our Diolen® clothing labels (polyester quality) woven on our lightning fast Air-jet looms.

Choose the right Closing Label

Our Diolen Clothing Labels is for those who want a simple label with a fast production time at a low price. The label is 10 mm (3/8”) width and you can choose among 20+ design templates. 1 label color and 5 text colors. Our Diolen Clothing Labels are crafted of 100% soft Diolen® polyester. Production time is a mere 1-3 working days.

With our Premium Cotton Clothing Labels you will get nearly endless design possibilities. Choose from 40+ design templates, 3 label sizes; 10 mm (3/8”), 15 mm (5/8”), & 25 mm (1”). 13 label colors, 13 text colors and the ability to mix light and dark colors (Mix Color). The label will include an iron-on backing to easily iron the labels into your items. Our woven Cotton Clothing Labels are crafted from 100% pure Egyptian cotton for total comfort. Production time is a mere 6-9 working days.

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Clothing Labels made in Europe & free of any harmful substances

Our clothing labels are made with professional weaving machines in Europe using the finest materials. Our Cotton Clothing Labels are crafted from pure Egyptian cotton and our Diolen Clothing Labels are crafted from 100% soft Diolen® polyester. Both are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they have been measured against the highest standards in the textile industry for quality and safety. So you can rest assured that our labels are safe, reliable, and free of any harmful substances.

A symbol says more than a thousand words

Choose from hundreds of gorgeous symbols. Our symbols have always been popular among our customers. The biggest problem is to choose a symbol among the hundreds of symbols we offer.

Iron on labels

Choose our Cotton Clothing Labels if you want Iron-on labels. We will include an iron-on backing to easily iron the labels into your items. The process is super easy and it will last for many many years. We’ll also add extra space (0,8 mm | 0,032 inc) around the edge of the label so you can fold and sew the label onto your clothing without interfering with your design.

The perfect solution for kindergartens, schools, nurseries and sports activities

It is generally known that large amounts of clothes disappear in kindergartens, schools and nurseries only because the clothes are not labeled with the child’s name. Most kindergarten teachers encourage parents to put names in their children’s clothes so it does not disappear – but also to facilitate their work in everyday life when the children, for example must change clothes. We recommend using the child’s name and a contact phone number. It gives the best chance of getting lost clothes back.

The final touch to the home creations

Since 1981, we have seen many beautiful home creations. Everything from hats to blankets. The finishing touch is the clothing labels with eg. text Made by Grandma. We love it!

Design your beautiful clothing labels online in a few minutes

We have made it very easy for you with our intuitive design tool. Choose one of our 40+ design templates, choose colors and type your text. It will not be easier.

Why buy clothing stickers when you can get beautiful woven clothing labels

Our woven clothing labels must definitely not be confused with the expensive clothing stickers which are available on the market today. The paper sticker is printed on white labels with black font color. You can typically choose one design and one size. But why do you wear boring paper sticker in your nice clothes when you can get our beautiful weaving OEKO-TEX® certified Diolen and Cotton clothing labels. And then at a much cheaper price. Our clothing labels are always a cheaper and better alternative to stickers and free from harmful substances.

Free shipping & Save 40% when you buy 2 or more…

Don’t worry about shipping cost. We ship worldwide and we do it absolutely for free. If your order has a high value or if you’re in a hurry you can choose our Express Shipping for a small fee. Our clothing labels are available in small batches of 50 labels. If you buy 2 or more batches you will receive a 40% discount.

Compare our clothing labels in a flash

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which label best suits your needs. Basically if you want a simple label with short production time you should go with our Diolen labels. If you want lots of colors, design templates and Iron-on backing you should take a look at our Cotton labels. View our comparison guide.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – do we need to say more…

We are so confident in our products and quality that we offer lifetime warranty. Whether it’s your first order or your twentieth, we guarantee that your clothing labels will meet your expectations. If we’ve failed in any way, we’ll fix it.