Quantity & Prices

Understand our prices. We have been in business since 1981. We aim to be the Internet's favorite label manufacturer for customers who appreciate sustainability, old-fashioned craftsmanship, and fair, straightforward prices.

Quantity Discount

We automatically apply a quantity discount when you choose the number of labels you want to purchase.

Only pay for the service you need

If you choose "With design draft" or need a design draft, we automatically apply a small fee to cover the design process with you. In that way, our customers will only pay for what they need.

Local VAT & EU VAT Exemption

All prices are shown, including local VAT, and in your local currency. As a European Union (EU) business customer, you may be able to exempt your company from VAT by adding a valid EU VAT registration number just before the checkout. No VAT/TAX is applied for customers outside the EU.

Free worldwide shipping

A small shipping fee (approx. €5) is added at checkout, and all online orders over €50 are shipped for free.

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Easy Labels for clothing

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