How to turn your sewing hobby into a Profitable Business

How to turn your sewing hobby into a Profitable Business

Do you know that you can turn your sewing hobby into a profitable business? This side hustle can bring additional money to your pocket, and if you work full time, it will provide you a stable source of income.

There are many ways on how you can monetize your talent in sewing. Listed below are the most common ideas worth pondering.

Repair and Alteration Services

It is quite obvious that repairing or altering clothes are less expensive than buying new ones. A simple repair such as damaged zippers, missing buttons, minor tears, and rips can be simply fixed. You can start on this kind of service if you think you are not that confident enough to sew a brand-new garment.

Customized Clothing

You may try to personalize certain clothing or garments as per customers’ needs or desires. They may request you to put logos on school uniforms or some sort of embroidery. And when you’re used to this kind of service, you will be surprised by the many people who would seek your specialty.

Children’s Clothing

Are you fond of children? How about making children’s clothing? Sewing clothes intended for children is fun and at the same time, creating additional income for you and your family. If you haven’t tried making one before, you can start by a trial-and-error process. It’s so easy to do. Just get a child’s cloth, and check the way it was sewn, and try it yourself. You will see the progress along the way!


Quilting needs some expertise and a special sewing machine. But if this is one of your passions, you can have a stable flow of income if you can provide yourself with the right equipment and the necessary expertise.

Home Décor Making

Curtains are always on the trend, and it is easy to make one out of so many designs. Others items that you can sew are pillows, blankets, seat covers, table cloths, just to name a few. There are many available designs that you could choose from. It is better if you have a home décor catalog ready for your potential customer to see. In this way, you are offering them value and at the same time, earn a side income. It’s a win-win situation.

Teach Sewing

If you think you have what it takes, then you can conduct a one-on-one tutorial on how to sew. Many people, especially women are very much interested in learning the art of sewing. Other wealthy ones have their sewing machines in their homes. Aside from potential earnings, sewing also improved hand-eye coordination, thus enhancing your motor skills.

Making and selling your sewing products in the market

If you are already fully equipped, then making your products and selling them on online platforms would allow you financial freedom. For example, you are good at quilting, then post your products and who knows that someone might get interested in it and place bulk orders! There are many beautiful crafts that you can create. With a little help from your imagination and creativity, you can certainly make excellent crafts for sale.

Making gifts and accessories

Yes, an ideal way to earn extra income is by sewing gifts and accessories to your customers. From simple tote bags, purses, cellphone holders, pot holders, to soft little toys, all of these can be done without any complex pattern needed. For example, a cellphone holder can be sewn in less than 30 minutes. Be sure to make assorted gift-giving ideas to ensure a variety of selection.


What if you can make a nice baby dress out of a vintage dress of yours? How about book bags or shirts for a sports team? These and more are in-demand projects and require personalized designs and arts. By personalizing your sewing products, you can be the resource person not just in your place, but within nearby areas as well.

Wedding gowns and other bridal accessories

This requires a certain high level of knowledge. But if you are confident enough that you can create elegant and stunning designs, then this is worth trying. Wedding gowns are so expensive yet memorable to the bride. You may also try to sew different and assorted gowns intended for any other occasion. One smart idea to earn is to make them available for rent. If you succeed in renting gowns, you will be experiencing a passive income.


Who among us is not using an apron whenever in the kitchen? Sewing an apron, with a touch of personalization is a sure hit. You can sell your aprons within the neighborhood and even online. Be sure to put some fascinating designs such as multiple pockets and holders for certain utensils. Aprons are very easy to sew and you can finish a simple one in less than 10 minutes. You can even utilize your vintage dress in making cute aprons.

Those smart ideas above are just a few of the many projects you can make out of sewing. It may take time for you to learn how to sew a bridal gown or seat covers that require almost perfect patterns and accurate measurements. But with your passion for sewing, coupled with your burning desire to learn more than the basics, monetizing your sewing skill is very possible indeed.

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