Easy Do-It-Yourself Sewing Crafts

10 Easy Do-It-Yourself Sewing Crafts

Sewing is a great way to spend your spare time. It is a creative outlet where you can also enhance your motor skills. It also keeps your brain active and moving because of the creative thinking that sewing requires.

If you are looking for something to sew that requires fewer complex methods, then the 10 easy do-it-yourself sewing crafts listed below are worth-trying.

Spit Bib

Instead of buying from stores, why not make your bib out of your old maternity dress or shirt. You will find them the cutest bibs for your baby’s drooly stage.

Gift Card Holder

With clever construction, you can create an elegant gift card holder made out of a single rectangle of fabric. This cute project is a great way to utilize your scraps, and who knows, you might come up with a better idea than others.

Cord Keeper Made of Fabric Scraps

Do you have a box full of charging cords? Well, that is a common thing since every gadget has its cords. You can organize those jumbled wires with a little creativity with this quick sewing project!

Pillow with a Secret Pocket

This one is so easy and very quick. You can make one from simple to glamorous design. Sew it now and start tucking sweet little notes to your loved ones!

Mini Messenger Bag

About sewing a mini-bag that would carry your keys, wallet, phone, and other girly stuff? You would surely love it, and it’s a perfect gift for your little girls too.

Drawstring Sunglasses Case

Oh, those adorable sunglasses of yours! They might end up scratched, broken, or worse, lost. Well, not anymore. Start making your DIY easy-to-sew drawstring sunglasses case. It is so easy that you would end up sewing for all your sunglasses’ protection. Keep these small pouches in your bag where you can take off your sunglasses and slide them back easily.

Baby Blankets

Says you need to buy one in-store? Sewing your baby blankets would not only save you money, but it will also give you the feeling of attachment. Aside from the fact that you can perfectly create the size that you desire. It is so easy to sew that you won’t be needing any complex materials or procedures.

Pot Holders

Out of scrap from that fabric that you like to see every day but don’t like to wear, this project is super fun t make. Be sure to use fabrics that are heat resistant and not that easy to melt to avoid burns.

Unisex Apron

This is so easy to sew! All you need is a fabric big enough to cover your body that might be prone to burns and dirt. Let your mind do the trick, and you will come up with a unique and satisfying finished product.

Portable First-Aid Kit

You can make it, and you can sew it! All you need is some visualization and creativity, and you will surely come up with different designs. And this can be a unique gift idea for your family, friends, and even your kid’s teacher!

The list goes long, but the ideas above would surely allow you to have a unique and distinct product that you could certainly be proud of! But wait, it’s also a good idea to put a custom woven label on it! You can put your name, your child’s name, or even your brand name. Dodofy offers the best quality clothing labels made with 100% Egyptian Cotton and OEKO-TEX certified. For as low as 19$, you can get personalized labels for your crafts. Visit www.dodofy.com today.