Iron-on Clothing Labels

Our Iron-on clothing labels require no sewing. They have a backing that allows them to be ironed onto your clothes instead of sewing. A heat-activated adhesive is attached to each label. The adhesive allows the iron-on label to easily be applied to most fabrics with the simple use of an iron.

Our iron-on clothing labels are available when you order our Easy Labels, Logo Labels, Flex Labels, and Care Labels.

Use only material suitable for ironing. The material should be pre-washed. Observe care label instructions on synthetic or delicate materials.

The ironing method

  1. Set your iron to the cotton (•••) setting or to approximately 200° C.
  2. Apply firm downward pressure on the iron–approximately 200g/cm2 (3 lbs/in2).
  3. Press down with as much strength as possible.
  4. Maintain pressure for at least 10 seconds.

Sensitive fabric materials

With sensitive materials, place a damp cloth between the iron and label to protect the material. In this case, maintain intense pressure for 20 seconds.

Ribbed material

When applying to ribbed material, place the label in the same direction as the ribbing. Follow the above instructions, and leave to cool completely.

If labels come off

We supply extra labels in each order. The extra labels are for testing purposes. If a label should ever come off, it can be reused. Just follow the above ironing instructions to reattach.


If you want to remove the label from your item, you can easily iron the label off again using the same procedure.

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