There’s no easy way to say it: Life is a little overwhelming now. You feel it. We feel it. Everyone feels it. And if nothing else, we’re in this with you. Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to update you on the impact of the virus on DHL delivery services.

Production Status

At Dodofy, we’re lucky to have our production in-house, which runs smoothly in shifts 24/7.

Delivery status for all countries

The situation changes daily, and we keep our COVID-19 page current. You can also find confirmatory information on the DHL website and the status for all other countries here: 


Frequently asked questions

Why are there delays in my country?

International orders may be delayed or restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These may be caused by changes in transport procedures (e.g., border controls), changes in international transport (e.g., cancellation of previously used flight connections), and/or changes in delivery procedures in the destination country (e.g., quarantine or other protective measures).

Which shipping method do you use?

All our shipments are shipped using a shipping product called Warenpost by Deutsche Post DHL

Can I place an order even if my country is marked red?

Of course, we need 6-9 business days to weave your labels, and we will ship your order as soon your country changes to green or orange.

When will you ship my order?

If your country destination is marked red, we will weave your labels and hold them until DHL gives the green light. The situation changes daily, so it is impossible to be more specific. But as soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive tracking information.

How often does the delivery status change?

DHL updates all countries daily.

Can I cancel my order?

Of course, if your order has not gone into production, send us an email at, and we will cancel it.

Can I cancel my order if produced?

Partially. We can refund the shipping charge, not the labels since we have already produced them.

How do I check the status of my order?

Please get in touch with us by email ( for the current order status.