Our Cotton Quality & Colors

We always puts quality first. Our cotton Clothing labels and our other cotton labels are made from high-quality cotton threads and subject to constant monitoring.

We use only the highest-quality raw materials that have been certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard* and our cotton threads are made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton has prevailed as the finest cotton in the world.

While most cotton is mechanically collected, Egyptian cotton is still hand picked, which guarantees the highest level of purity. Clothing Labels made of Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and last longer for the following reasons:

The length of the fibre allows for the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn.

It’s ability to absorb liquids gives the fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors.

The strength of the fibre makes the fabrics more durable and resistants to stress. This leads to an increase in softness with every wash.

pure Egyptian cotton production

Beautiful Label Colors

Our cotton label colors

Unique Text Colors

Our cotton text colors

Do you have difficulty deciding colors?

If you have no desire or difficulty deciding specific color combination, choose one of our color sets “Light Mix” or “Dark Mix” when you design your labels. You will receive your labels in 13 different color combinations with the same text and design.

Advantage with our quality

  • Woven labels – not printet.
  • Cotton fabric made by the nature – not polyester synthetic fibres.
  • 100% pure Egyptian cotton.
  • Eco-friendly fabrics and OEKO-TEX® certified.
  • Iron-on backing to easily iron the labels into your items.
  • Wash & boil-proof.
  • Lifetime warranty.


All our cotton labels are made of eco-friendly fabrics and OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that every threads has been tested for harmful substances and held up to the most rigorous standards. Our cotton labels can be worn in direct contact with even the most sensitive skin without fear of rashes or allergic reactions. Our OEKO-TEX® certificate no is: 14.0.39222 and you can check it here.

Sew in Clothing Labels

Since all our cotton labels are made of 100% pure Egyptian cotton, the ends of our woven clothing label cannot be hot sealed.

Our woven clothing labels should always be folded below to sew them into place to ensure they do not make flush. We will automatically add 0,8 mm edge to both sides. You don’t need to worry about it.

Iron-on Clothing Labels​

Our Cotton Clothing Labels, Cotton Custom labels and Ribbon include the option for iron-on backing to easily iron the labels into your items. The process is super easy and it will last for many many years. We’ll also add extra space (0,8 mm | 0,032 inc) around the edge of the iron-on label so you have the option to fold and sew the label onto your clothing without interfering with your design.

Wash & boil-proof​

Our white and black label colors are boil-proof and the same goes for our red, blue, black and green text color according to DIN EN ISO 3758.

All other labels and text colors are wash-proof up to 60°C in accordance with DIN 54000ff. But our experience shows that even temperatures of 95°C have no effect on the colors.

See our Color Chart

Carbon Footprint of Cotton vs. Polyester

Cotton is the “green” fiber while Polyester is made of Petroleum production. We only use cotton threads made of 100% Egyptian cotton and our cotton is OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton
  • Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified
  • Low carbon footprint
CO2 Carbon Footprint 5.9 kg
CO2 Carbon Footprint 9.25 kg
Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Kilograms of CO2 per ton of spun fibre.

You can check the validity of our OEKO-TEX® certificate at any time. Go to this page: www.oeko-tex.com/en/label-check and simply enter our no. 14.0.39222 into the label checker. Make sure that the number is entered correctly.