Cairo Design Template, 15 mm. (5/8″)​

Easy Labels: Add a symbol to spice up the design, as we have done with this cute elephant.

Designing Custom Clothing Labels has never been easier. Stand out from the rest with our gorgeous Cairo Design Template. The template comes with one text line and 165 beautiful color combinations of your choice.

Features you don’t find elsewhere:

✔︎ Woven labels – not printed.
✔︎ Made in Europe – not China.
✔︎ 100% cotton – not polyester.
✔︎ 165 beautiful color combinations.
✔︎ Choose from 40+ design templates
✔︎ Shipped in biodegradable packaging.
✔︎ Shipped worldwide.
✔︎ 40% Quantity Discount.
✔︎ and much more…